Jill's Psychonauts Reverse Engineering ""Blog""

Here you can find a complete index of every post/thread (that has been mirrored to this website so far) in reverse chronological order.


Exploring some oddities regarding the camp kids in Ford's Sanctuary


A set of very specific circumstances leads to a very specific, already obscure line of dialogue becoming even more obscure.


12 lines of code lead to an analysis and runthrough of Double Fine's design plans for the Asylum Brain Tank fight with some absolutely fascinating discoveries about the development timeline of said fight.


Deciphering a mostly obsolete file format still in use by certain parts of the game


Discussing the expansion of Astralathe's scope and going over a couple of quality of life patches to make the game a little bit nicer with modern screen resolutions


Introducing Cobweb Duster, a brand new first time setup tool to make modders' lives easier.


Talking a little bit about documentation of the game's Lua API and the existing documentation in the scripts, with a brief detour while I figure out how to set up an entity to display some unused animations.


Showing off a work in progress partial restoration of a cut boss fight seen in Nightmare in the Brain Tumbler, previously only ever seen in promo materials circa 2002 and 2003.

You've reached the end of the list. Either this is the very beginning or nothing past this point has yet been mirrored to this website from Twitter.